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Standard of 3003 Aluminum Coil Technology

Ⅰ. About 3003 aluminum coil

The 3003 aluminum coil belongs to the 3 series production, the manganese content is 1.0%-1.8%, and the aluminum content is above 98.00%. As a common product of 3XXX series products, the 3003 aluminum coil is favored by the masses for its distinctive and excellent performance! 3003 aluminum coil is a product with cheap price, stable quality and perfect processing technology among aluminum coils, which is widely used in the industry. For example, car jaws, thermal insulation aluminum coils, road signs, square meters of pressing tiles or stamping parts processing all have their existence. In addition, the 3003 aluminum coil has anti-rust treatment performance. Due to the blessing of manganese elements, the 3003 aluminum coil is also called an anti-rust-treated aluminum coil.

Ⅱ. Application of 3003 aluminum coil

In general, 3003 aluminum coil is mainly produced and processed by cold rolling production and processing methods, that is, aluminum coil quenching processes, such as common aluminum coils 3003H24 and aluminum coils 3003H14. Therefore, the main uses of 3003 aluminum coil are concentrated in curtain aluminum veneer curtain wall, traffic travel signs, sealed storage environment, refrigerator lining and airport ships.

Ⅲ. Technical standard of 3003 aluminum coil

(1) The technical standards of 3003 aluminum coil generally refer to the national standard GBT-3880-2012. You can click on the national standards of the National Standardization Management Committee of the 3003 aluminum coil to understand.

(2) Flat ingot milling surface. Flat ingot milling is a technology to facilitate the removal of shrinkage, welding scars, scars and surface cracks on the surface, reducing the embedded defects of metal composite materials and non-metallic materials of 3003 aluminum coil, and improving surface quality. Squeeze the flat ingot with the model specification of 460*3000*7000 (net weight 11.66T) into the milling machine to mill both sides and both sides of the flat ingot. The running speed of the milling machine is 0.3M/s. Be sure to mill off the flat ingot. The maximum thickness of the ingot is 6 mm. The net weight of iron scraps from a flat ingot is 383Kg, and the iron filings produced by one ton of 3003 aluminum coil flat ingots are 32.9kg.

(3) The flat ingot is heated up. The flat ingots with qualified milling surface are heated up in the vertical push hot air boiler. The heating temperature is 300℃~400℃, and the heating time is 5-8 hours. The 3003 aluminum coil hot air boiler has 5 zones, and each zone has a set of gas circulating centrifugal fans with hydraulic flow installed in the rotary kiln. The centrifugal fans operate at a wind speed of 12-30m/s, and the compressed air consumption is 30m3/min. There are a total of 30 natural gas burners in zone 4, which are installed on both sides of half of the furnace wall, and the natural gas consumption is about 1500Nm3/h.

(4) Hot rough rolling. The 3003 aluminum coil extrudes the flat ingot with the model specification of 460*3000*7000 after heating into the four-roll cross hot rolling mill for hot rough rolling, the maximum cold rolling speed reaches 260M/s, and goes through 5 to 12 passes of cold rolling. The slab is cold rolled to a 30-165 mm billet.

(5) Hot finishing rolling. The billet after hot rough rolling is subjected to finishing operation in the hot finishing rolling generator set. And the maximum cold rolling speed can reaches 460M/s, and coils with a thickness of 2.3-20mm are produced after 12-16 passes of cold rolling.

Standard of 3003 Aluminum Coil Technology