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5052 Aluminum Coil

The 5052 aluminum coil is an Al-Mg alloy and also contains a small number of elements such as manganese, chromium, and zinc. With the exception of a small part of the manganese component in the alloy, most of the manganese will form MnAl6, which can improve the stress resistance and corrosion resistance cracking ability of the aluminum coil, improve the weld strength of the aluminum alloy, and reduce the welding crack tendency, but its content is generally not more than 0.35%. 5052 aluminum coil is widely used and is one of the most promising rust-proof aluminum.

It is often used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, sheet metal parts for transportation vehicles, ships, instrumentation, street light brackets and rivets, hardware products, electrical enclosures, etc. With years of experience in 5052 aluminum coil, Lichen has formed its own advantages among all the 5052 aluminum coil suppliers. If you are looking for reliable 5052 aluminum coil suppliers, Lichen is your ideal choice. Our aluminum can be customized to produce 5052 aluminum coil according to customers' demand. Welcome to consult and buy!

5052 Aluminum Coil Types

5052 Aluminum Coil Applications

  • Used for umbrella frame: 5052 aluminum coil is lightweight, cheap, high market share, not easy to rust, and long life. The appearance of aluminum is silver-white, which is simple and beautiful as an umbrella bone. It is also easy to color and can be painted.

  • Used for aluminum doors and windows: It has excellent decorative effects and excellent performance and is not easy to rust. Aluminum doors and windows are exposed to the air, which will produce alumina films, making doors and windows more durable. Aluminum is a recyclable metal, which is in line with the current concept of green development and is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • It can also be used in transportation equipment special materials, building decoration, hardware products, electrical appliances, and other fields.

  • 5052 Aluminum Coil

    5052 Aluminum Coil

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    5052 Aluminum Coil Manufacturer

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    5052 Aluminum Coil Supplier

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    5052 Aluminum Coil for Sale

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5052 Aluminum Coil