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Aluminum Sheet

Nowadays aluminum sheets are used in a large range. Buyers can get many quotations from the internet. You also can buy aluminum sheets from home depot which gives you good quality.

Aluminum sheet plays an important role in our life, you can find them easily. For example, aluminum sheet pan, frypan, fuel tanks, trailer siding, roofing, aircraft panels, automotive panels, trailer frames, packaging, aluminum sheet persona 5 mementos, etc.

Otherwise, out of different applications, different other metals and ingredients can be mixed with aluminum by ratio, then aluminum alloy sheets with better performance were made.

Lichen is a reliable supplier of wholesale 1060 aluminum plate, wholesale 5005 aluminum sheet and other aluminium sheet types. We provide you different aluminium sheet types of good quality. Or you can choose custom aluminium plate. Lichen is your trustworthy custom aluminium plate supplier. Custom aluminium plate form Lichen now!

Aluminum Sheet Types

Alminium Fibre Sheet Advantages

Aluminum sheet produced by lichen, the aluminum sheet thickness is 4-600 mm, width is 100-2600 mm. Customers can get the customized sizes as need. If you need Aluminum Sheets such as 3003 Sheet, 5052 Sheet, and 6061 Sheet, we have got you covered, we can provide qualified products to you. In addition, we have various series of Aluminum Sheets from 1050-8011. Save time and money when shopping with our speedy navigation, commitment to best pricing, and best service on the internet.

How Is Custom Alminum Sheet Manufactured

As a professional China aluminum company, Lichen can offer aluminum sheets according to customer's needs. Aluminum sheets can be shaped into an aluminum roll, the largest aluminum roll is about 12 metric tons. After forging into a roll, the aluminum roll can be cut into an aluminum circle and aluminum strip, etc. About size, it can be 4x8, the common size, or another unusual size. About size, we cut by our customer's need. We can give you suggestions when you tell us your application.

Lichen is a professional aluminum sheet company in China that offers different types of aluminum alloys. We are not only a manufacturer with our own aluminum sheet factory but also an aluminum sheet exporter that has many years' experience. You can buy aluminum sheet metal for different usages here in Lichen, including aluminium plain sheet, aluminium flat plate, aluminum steel plate, and other aluminum sheet types. We also offer custom aluminum sheet that meets different needs. If you want to know more about aluminum products, please contact us!

Aluminum Steel Plate Applications

The aluminum sheet for PS/CTP/ACP plate base, aluminum and plastic composite board/pipe/bottle/tank cap, the aluminum sheet for curtain board/ceiling board/roofing, the aluminum sheet for refrigerator/air conditioning/automobile, etc.

Aluminum Sheet