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Mirror Aluminum Sheet/Coil

Aluminum mirror sheet is manufactured by using distortion-free float glass or sheet glass. Thriking mirrors add a feeling of depth to any room with an aluminum sheet mirror or aluminum float mirror. High-quality clear float or sheet glass and modern mirror equipment combine to produce competitively priced mirrors of exceptionally high quality. Aluminum mirrors can be supplied in standard sizes or can be cut and beveled to suit customer's needs.

Mirror Aluminum Sheet/Coil Types

Mirror Aluminum Sheet/Coil Applications

The smooth high gloss surface of the bright finish is suitable for product and building facade decoration. The bright finish dematerializes space through reflection and "fuses" structures to the landscape, providing ever-changing reflections and perspectives. The bright finish adds product value by enhancing the metallic texture and enriching the visual sense.

The application of mirror aluminum sheets is very wide. It is widely used in lighting reflectors and lamp decorations, solar heat collecting and architectural decoration,  household appliances panels, electronic product shells, decoration of automobiles, signs, logos, luggage, jewelry boxes, and other fields. Mirrored aluminum sheets are processed by rolling, polishing, and other methods to make the surface of the plate show a mirror effect.

How is Mirror Aluminum Sheet/coil Manufactured

Lichen is a China aluminum company that can offer Aluminum sheets for various use scenarios.

Frond side: aluminum alloy sheet coated with Fluro—carbon resin (PVDF) or polyester resin (PE) roasting painting.

Back side: aluminum alloy sheet coated with polyester resin painting (PE).

Surface coating thickness: 0.03mm.

Surface process: Polishing, Glossy, Anodized, Plain, or Embossed.

Mirror Aluminum Sheet/Coil Features

The purity of aluminum is the main effect of mirror surfaces. lichen Aluminum selection of the 1080 (99.80%) high-purity aluminum, to ensure the mirror reflective rate of 85% or more, with resolutions up to 94%.

Aluminum mirror must have a good and easy formability, aluminum mirror of the lichen Aluminum production are suitable for semi-hard state of bending to ensure that the user post-molding process.

Mirror Aluminum Sheet/Coil Advantages

The most advantage for mirror/reflective aluminum sheet for wall material, such as the building exterior curtain walls/renovations for the old building.

The mirror/reflective aluminum sheet for shop door decorations, advertisement board display platforms, and signboards, or wallboards and ceilings for tunnels, or industrial materials.

Mirror Aluminum Sheet has many good advantages. It has high reflectivity which makes it energy saving. The surface of reflective aluminum mirror sheet is as smooth as a mirror, without lines. What’s more, the surface of polished aluminum sheet is anodized making it has high resistance to color changing in high temperature. Lichen has launched colored mirror aluminum plate with color of gold, silver, copper, brown, blue, black, gray , red any other colors. It will definitely plays a good decorative role in your usage.

Mirror Aluminum Sheet/Coil