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Warranty Policy

30 Day Return Policy

Merchandise in its original condition that has not been processed or altered and still in its original packaging, may be returned for a full refund, excluding any 3rd party freight charges, within 30 days if accompanied by an original receipt. Traceability must have been maintained on all materials.

Quality assurance

Strict Management System

LICHEN Aluminum adopts the 6S management method, with a high product qualification rate and reliable quality.

Raw Material Supplier

Chose a reliable large supplier — Henan lichen aluminum co.,ltd. so as to control product quality from the source. LICHEN use assured raw materials to produce products that satisfy customers, committed to letting customers feel safe to buy and use.

Testing laboratory

LICHEN Aluminum has its own chemical analysis laboratory, oil quality analysis laboratory, spectral analysis laboratory, tensile laboratory, micro-analysis laboratory. Strictly control the production raw materials and control the production process, so that each product has become the pride of LICHEN.

Warranty Policy