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Aluminum Strip

China Aluminum Strip Factory-Henan Lichen Aluminum Co., Ltd is a professional Aluminum Strip Coil manufacturer and supplier. Our aluminum strip includes Aluminum Strip Coil, anodized aluminum strips, aluminum strip ceiling, mirror aluminum strip,1000 3000 5000 series aluminum strip etc. Buy China aluminum strip roll from Lichen!

Aluminum Strip Types

Aluminum Strip Advantages

  • Trim edge flat surface

  • Fast delivery time

  • 20 years worthy time

An aluminum strip is an aluminum deep-processed product formed by the aluminum coil. It is an important raw material in the industry. Aluminium strip roll can be used for all aluminum can body, thin plate processing parts, and various lighting parts. The aluminum strip has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, candle resistance, fatigue strength, and medium static strength. It is generally used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, as well as sheet metal parts and instruments for transportation vehicles and ships.

Aluminum Strip Applications

The aluminium corner strips are mainly used for edge wrapping, corner wrapping, corner protection, corner aluminum frame, edge closing. The aluminium edging strip has an interval function and the advantages of good verticality and resistance to torsion.

The aluminium finishing strip is a kind of wire material, which is generally used in mineral wool board, gypsum board perforated sound-absorbing composite board, perlite sound-absorbing board, calcium silicate board, and various sound-absorbing board pressing edges decoration. There are several types, such as T type, L type, and right angle type. The aluminium flat strips are used in extensive automatic mechanical zero-cutting, mold manufacturing.

The aluminum strip can be used to process plastic aluminum composite pipes, cables, optical cables, transformers, heaters, etc. As a China aluminum company, Lichen can offer Aluminum strips for various usages. High-quality product here, please contact us to know more!

Aluminum Strip Solution Provided by Lichen

Lichen is a professional aluminum strip manufacturer in China. Lichen has a complete set of advanced automation equipment, from formula gluing coating, rewinding, slitting, cutting, precision stamping, die-cutting, packaging, and other procedures to complete self-made and consistent operations. Lichen also offers you the most favorable aluminium strip price.

Aluminum Strip