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Different Types of Aluminum Alloys Metal Products

Ordering Guidelines for Lichen Aluminum Metal for Sale

When using our Product Finder or requesting a quote, measure according to this diagram to ensure accurate specifications.

Pierce Aluminum can provide Angle products with leg lengths ranging from 0.19 "to 18" and thicknesses ranging from 0.04 "to 1.25". We stock lengths up to 40 feet in some sizes.

Pierce Aluminum Angle products are available in varieties of Series 2000, Series 5000, Series 6000, and Series 7000 alloy.

Refer to our Product Finder for our standard measurements and alloys.

Plain Aluminum Foil for Aseptic Packaging Applications

Aluminum foil in packaging keeps foodstuffs fresh for months without refrigeration. It prevents the contents from losing nutritional value, vitamins or aroma – and gives total protection against light, moisture, oxygen, foreign matter contamination, and damage.

Sustainable and waste-minimizing aluminum foil

Foil-lined liquid cartons are light – requiring only approximately 1.4 g of aluminum to package 1 liter of filling – easy to transport and ensure full, long-life protection. Advanced separation and recycling techniques allow effective aluminum foil recovery from used packaging waste streams.

Quality and reliability of aluminum foil

lichen is one of the world's leading suppliers of thin-gauge aluminum foil for liquid aseptic packaging, with thicknesses down to 0.006–0.012 mm and widths up to 2020 mm. With our devotion to quality, reliability, and environmental performance, we are able to meet our customers' specific requirements.

Tailor-made aluminum foil

Our foil is tailored and tested, ready for further processing and converting to your own production equipment. We guarantee excellent unwinding properties and trouble-free tunability to provide maximum productivity.

Aluminum Processing Services

Need custom cut aluminum? Need custom aluminum manufacturing? We offer cutting, precision sawing, and shearing of aluminum (and all metals for that matter) and in many cases, you can pick up your processed aluminum the day you order it using our will-call service. Or get it delivered the next morning. We offer a quick turnaround because we stock most of the metal and can cut to size the day you order it.

Aluminum Processing Services