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With "Aluminum" Together, to the Good New Era

At the moment, this is the age of rising, the age of development, and our times. If an industry does not innovate or change, it will eventually be eliminated by the times. Then, what pace of times should the aluminum industry keep up with? According to the prediction of relevant experts, the future aluminum factory processing will develop in five aspects:

1. Frosting surface aluminum material

The frosting surface aluminum material avoids the shortcomings of light pollution caused by the bright aluminum under certain environmental conditions in the building decoration. Its surface is delicate and soft, which is very popular on the market. However, the existing frosted materials have the shortcomings of uneven surface sand and visible frosting.

2. Multi-colored surface aluminum material

At present, the monotonous silver-white color of aluminum material can no longer meet the requirements of building exterior wall decorative tiles and exterior wall latex paint. With colors of stainless steel, champagne, golden yellow and others, plus the color of stained glass, the new aluminum material can make the building decoration looks better.

3. Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum material

The powder electrostatic spraying aluminum material has excellent corrosion resistance, and its resistance to alkali and salt spray is much better than that of oxidation colored material. It has been adopted by countries all over the world because this aluminum factory adopts green environmental protection technology to produce and occupies a small area with simple process flow and convenient operation. Also, it is energy and resource saving with low investment, quick effect, high spraying efficiency and wide application.

4. Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramics and electrophoretic painting aluminum material

Different types of aluminum alloys has more than 20 colors, and can be colored like printed cloth according to needs. The materil can be colorful, and the decoration effect is excellent. Because the aluminum alloy surface is a ceramic film formed by arc discharge sintering with high-density energy, it has high smoothness, thick film, and high-quality corrosion-resistant. This technology has passed the appraisal of the Corrosion Society and the Protection Society and has been identified as a newer generation technology of anode oxidation.

5. Electrophoretic painting aluminum material

The surface has a mild luster and can resist the erosion of cement, mortar and acid rain.

With "Aluminum" Together, to the Good New Era