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Why is the Price of Aluminum Circle Higher Than That of Aluminum Plate?

Many friends may have such doubt that when buying aluminum circles and aluminum plates, they found that the price of aluminum circles was higher than that of aluminum plates, which is very confused. Normally, there should be more aluminum materials in aluminum plates so its price should be higher. Let henan lichen aluminum co.,ltd explain it today.

1. The aluminum circle has better performance

It is understood that the aluminum circle is very light-proof, and after printing and decoration, it can show a good color and light effect. It has good insulation and is not invaded by bacteria and insects. It has good shape stability and is not affected by changes in humidity. Simple processing such as printing, coloring, embossing, surface coating, gluing and varnishing can be performed on the aluminum circle products, and the processing is slightly more complicated.

2. The processing procedure of the aluminum circle is more than that of the aluminum plate

Aluminum circles are usually processed into composite materials with paper and plastic films and used in various aspects. Therefore, in terms of processing, there will be one more continuous punching process. Since there is one more process than the aluminum plate, the production cost will increase, thereby affecting the quotation of aluminum circles to a certain extent.

3. A special model is used for the aluminum circle

Another aspect is that waste will occur during the production of aluminum circles. If a special standard aluminum circle is processed, a lot of waste will be added due to one more process, also, special models are used when producing aluminum circles of special sizes. All these factors are the reasons for the high prices of aluminum circles.

The above are the reasons why the price of aluminum circles is higher than that of aluminum plates explained by henan lichen aluminum co.,ltd. If you have other needs, please contact us, we will sincerely at your service!