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Four Common Application Industries of Color-coated Aluminum Coils

There is no need to say much about the use of color-coated aluminum coils, especially in the current environment, after our use of color-coated aluminum coils has gradually increased, we increasingly need more and better color-coated aluminum coils as the core alternative of the product. To replace the primary color aluminum coil we used at the beginning, so today we will make a simple and detailed summary of "four common application industries of color-coated aluminum coil".

1. Introduction of color-coated aluminum coil

Color-coated aluminum coils and strips are aluminum and aluminum alloy strips whose surface is colored by coating, and belong to the production and processing products of aluminum and aluminum alloy strips. It is divided into polyester color coated aluminum (PE) and fluorocarbon coated color coated aluminum (PVDF). Polyester painted aluminium (PE) is a UV resistant coating for upholstery and advertising banners. Polyester epoxy resin is a single polymer material containing ester bonds in the carbon chain, plus acrylic resin.

It can give colorful aluminum appliances a variety of colors, and has excellent color and smoothness, as well as excellent layering and touch, and can also improve texture and layering. PVDF coated aluminum coil Fluorocarbon architectural coating is PVDF epoxy resin key refers to vinylidene fluoride homopolymer or vinylidene fluoride and other small fluorine content vinyl single polymer architectural coatings . Shows longer fading resistance and UV resistance in extreme climates and natural environments. It is especially suitable for the decoration and display of indoor, outdoor decoration, commercial chain, exhibition advertising and publicity in public places. Color-coated aluminum coils have a sufficient range of shades, whether it is residential housing, large and medium-sized commercial outlets or large and medium-sized exhibition centers, color-coated aluminum coils can enhance the color. Excellent ductility and machining properties make it an ideal raw material for a wide variety of architectural shapes.

2. Common application scenarios of color-coated aluminum coils

Color coated aluminum coils are widely used in architectural decoration design, food packaging, electrical and electronic, packaging and printing, road transportation and other industries.

(1) Architectural decoration design industry: production and manufacture of roof panels, roofing, building curtain wall panels, interior wall decorative panels, ceiling panels, honeycomb cardboard, thermal insulation panels, electric rolling shutter doors, blinds, etc.

(2) Food packaging industry: production of food cans without working pressure, food cans with working pressure, can lids, bottle stoppers, caps, bottle caps, food packaging boxes, sealed bags of various food packaging materials, etc.

(3) Electronic and electrical industry: manufacture of central air-conditioning control panels, automatic washing machine control panels, refrigerator control panels, kitchen cabinet control panels, and various digital fast-printing electronic equipment casings. Packaging and printing industry: manufacture PS, CTP, UV-CTP printing plate making.

(4) Road transportation industry: manufacture of van truck casings and inner compartments, automobile body panels, train compartment panels, boat interior panels, traffic safety signs, advertising boards, luggage and leather goods.

Four Common Application Industries of Color-coated Aluminum Coils