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Introduction to Wire Drawing Process of Aluminum Plate

Drawing process of aluminum plate

Drawing after hot stamping

Usually draw before oxidation to ensure the anti-corrosion performance after drawing.3003 rust-proof aluminum plate is mainly used for drawing, and can be made into straight lines, random lines, threads, corrugated lines, spiral lines, etc. according to decoration requirements. Straight line drawing: Refers to the process of processing straight lines on the surface of aluminum plate through mechanical friction. It can brush off scratches on the surface of the aluminum plate and decorate the surface of the aluminum plate. There are two types of straight drawing: continuous and intermittent. Use a scouring pad or stainless steel brush (for hand grinding under existing equipment conditions or using a wire brush clamped on the aluminum plate with a planer) To horizontally and continuously rub the surface of the aluminum plate, you can obtain continuous silk patterns. Intermittent silk pattern is usually processed on a brushing machine or brushing machine. Manufacturing principle: It adopts two sets of differential wheels rotating in the same direction, the upper set is a fast rotating grinding roller, and the lower set is a slow rotating rubber roller. The aluminum or aluminum alloy plate passes through the two sets of rollers and brushes fine intermittent straight lines.

Random patterns

It is a kind of irregular dull pattern obtained by rubbing the aluminum plate back and forth with high-speed copper wire brush. Corrugated pattern:The corrugation is usually drawn on the brushing machine or grinding machine. The wave shape is obtained by drawing on the surface of the aluminum plate or aluminum alloy plate through the axial movement of the upper grinding roller and the lower rubber roller. Rainbow drawing:Rainbow, also known as spinning light, is a silk print obtained by rotating and polishing the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate with a cylindrical felt or overlapping nylon wheel installed on a drill and mixed with polishing paste with kerosene. This process is mainly used for the production of circular logos and the processing of small decorations on some dials.

Thread drawing

The thread is made by a small motor with a round felt on the shaft fixed on the desktop at an angle of about60 degrees to the edge of the desktop. In addition, a tea-making car that fixes the aluminum plate is made, and a layer of straight polyester film is affixed to the car to limit yarn competition. Use the rotation of the felt and the linear motion of the slide to grind evenly wide threaded lines on the surface of the aluminum plate. The purpose of sandblasting is to obtain a surface with a thin film decoration or a fine reflective surface to meet special design requirements such as soft luster. Even and moderate sandblasting treatment can basically overcome common defects on the surface of aluminum plates. For appearance parts, whether it is drawing or sandblasting, surface oxidation treatment is usually required. As for which processing technology to choose, it should be a problem related to the shape, and the surface texture obtained by the two technologies is still different.

The function of aluminum plate for exterior wall insulation

  • Can meet the energy-saving requirements, greatly improving the living comfort and indoor thermal stability.

  • Improve the dampness of the wall. In order to prevent condensation, an air layer needs to be set up in the internal insulation layer, while no air layer needs to be set up in the external insulation layer, and the insulation material will not make the wall layer damp under the protection of the outer curtain. At the same time, the external thermal insulation layer of aluminum plate keeps the entire wall temperature of the structural layer elevated and reduces its humidity, thereby improving the thermal insulation performance of the wall.

  • It is beneficial to improve the environmental quality at room temperature. Because the internal solid wall of aluminum plate has a large heat capacity, adding an insulation layer to the outside of the wall slows down the temperature change inside the room, and the indoor temperature is more stable, which is conducive to energy saving. In summer, the external insulation material can reduce the transmission of solar radiation heat and the influence of outdoor high temperature. In this way, the building is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Introduction to Wire Drawing Process of Aluminum Plate