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Characteristics of Aluminum Plate and Reasons for Color Difference

1. Characteristics of aluminum sheet

The aluminum plate is an anode that puts the aluminum plate into the corresponding electrolyte (for example: chromic acid sulfate, oxalic acid, etc.), and performs electrolysis under certain conditions. The anodized aluminum plate is oxidized, and a thin layer of aluminum oxide with a thickness of 5-20 microns is formed on the surface, and the hard anodized film can reach 60-200 microns. Aluminum plates are not only popular with users because of their excellent durability, but also favored by many consumers because of their high aesthetics. It has great market potential.

(1) Anodized aluminum sheet

Aluminum plate is a kind of aluminum plate with great application value. A special thin layer of alumina is formed on the surface of the aluminum plate, which can improve the hardness of the aluminum plate and also improve the wear resistance of the aluminum plate. On this basis, the white anodized aluminum sheet has a very high melting point, which makes the anodized aluminum sheet have strong durability. Moreover, the anodized aluminum plate not only has many excellent properties, but it is also relatively easy to color and has a high degree of aesthetics.

(2) Chemical aluminum plate

Aluminum plate is a very good aluminum oxide plate. The chemical aluminum plate is mainly produced by chemical action, and the thickness of the oxide film of the chemical aluminum plate will increase, thereby improving its oxidation resistance, thereby improving the durability of the chemical aluminum plate. At the same time, chemical aluminum oxide is also easy to color and can be used for beautification.

Alumina is very common in the machinery manufacturing industry, as well as in the automobile industry, home appliance industry and handicraft industry. Alumina sheet is loved by users because of its excellent durability, and it is favored by many consumers because of its high appearance. It has great market potential.

2. The reason why the aluminum oxide plate will appear color difference

(1) During the oxidation treatment of materials, due to factors such as potion composition, content, concentration, temperature, and treatment time, the treatment effect is affected, and the final product effect is also different.

(2) When the product is in the closed coloring process, due to the color difference in the pre-processing of the material, it makes it difficult to check the sample and color and increase the color.

(3) The metal element content and material texture of aluminum sheets of different batches cannot be consistent. After many adjustments and sample evaluations during coloring treatment, it is difficult to achieve the same effect as the model.

The above is about the reasons for the chromatic aberration of the aluminum plate, and there are many factors for the chromatic aberration of the aluminum plate. It is inevitable that there is color difference in aluminum oxide sheet, and it is also one of the characteristics of anodized aluminum sheet, but each enterprise regulates the range of color difference, and the products within the range are normal products.

Characteristics of Aluminum Plate and Reasons for Color Difference