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Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil

Surface treatment of battery conductive substrates with functional coatings is a breakthrough technological innovation. Carbon-coated aluminum foil/copper foil is a uniform and delicate coating of dispersed nano-conductive graphite and carbon-coated particles on aluminum foil. . It can provide excellent static conductivity and collect the microcurrent of the active material, which can greatly reduce the contact resistance between the positive/negative material and the current collector, and improve the adhesion between the two, which can reduce adhesion The amount of the agent used, thereby further improving the overall performance of the battery. The coating is divided into two types: water-based (aqueous system) and oil-based (organic solvent system).

Performance advantages of carbon-coated aluminum foil

1. Significantly improve the consistency of battery pack use and significantly reduce the battery cost.

Significantly reduce the increase in the dynamic internal resistance of the cell;

Improve the consistency of the pressure difference of the battery pack;

· Extend the battery life;

2. Improve the adhesion between the active material and the current collector, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the pole piece. Such as:

· Improve the adhesion of positive electrode materials and collectors using water-based systems;

· Improving the adhesion of the nano-scale or sub-micron-scale cathode materials and collectors;

· Improve the adhesion of lithium titanate or other high-capacity anode materials and collectors;

· Improve the yield rate of pole pieces and reduce the manufacturing cost of pole pieces.

. Reduce polarization, increase magnification and gram capacity, and improve battery performance. Such as:

· Partially reduce the proportion of the binder in the active material and increase the gram capacity;

· Improve the electrical contact between the active substance and the current collector;

· Reduce polarization and improve power performance.

. Protect current collector and extend battery life. Such as:

· Prevent current corrosion and oxidation;

· Improve the surface tension of the current collector and enhance the easy coating performance of the current collector;

· Can replace the costly etched foil or thinner foil to replace the original standard foil.

Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil