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Why Does the Surface of the Aluminum Plate Get Oil Stain?

The aluminum sheet has been used more and more widely, the quality problems started to appear more obviously in the using process, oil stain on the surface of aluminum sheet is one of the common problems, Lichen aluminum will explain why the surface of aluminum sheet get oil stain.

1. Improper use of aluminum sheet may cause the oil stain

Normally there are two reasons to cause the quality problems in the use of aluminum sheet. One is the negligence of the staffs of the aluminum sheet manufacturer in the production process, and the other one is improper operation in the later use process. As one of the common quality losses, oil stain problem can be avoided from operation and equipment use in the production process.

2. It may cause the oil stain after aluminum sheet is rolled

Oil stain does not refer to the oil is stained with the aluminum sheet after production completed, but there are too much oil on the surface of the aluminum sheet and it also attached with the excess oil in addition to the rolling oil film after the aluminum sheet is rolled, these visible oil will be found on the surface in the late inspection and cutting production of finished products. A lot of oil content is mainly distributed in the upper and lower part of the mill outlet or at the roll neck, it drops on the box surface after splashing,therefore resulting in the abnormal condition occurred in the roll cleaner for rolling mill because of oil dripping from the gauge head of the mill, the composition of these oil is not only complicated but also particularly dirty.

These oil stains produced on the surface of aluminum sheet will bring a lot of harm to the surface of aluminum sheet. In the meanwhile, usually the number of oil stain defects is also an important standard when we judge the quality of aluminum sheet. On the one hand, due to the thickness of the aluminum sheet is relatively thin, it is easy to form foam in the subsequent annealing, furthermore, due to too much oil on the surface will form a lot of residues on the surface of the aluminum sheet, resulting in the late usability will not be very good. On the other hand, it will be difficult to sell aluminum sheet unless its surface is clean enough to meet its aesthetic requirements as a decorative and packaging material.

3. The method to avoid the oil stain of aluminum sheet

Isn't there any way to avoid these quality problems during production? Of course not, in fact, aluminum sheet manufacturers can carry out thorough and rigorous inspection to the production equipment before the production of aluminum sheet. If there is a lot of oil stain in the machinery and equipment itself, you should clean it in time and find out the reason and resolve it in time. In the meanwhile, the surface of the manufactured product should also be cleaned. If there is the oil stain that cannot be cleaned in the first place, this kind of the product should be scrapped directly. If you let the products contaminated with oil put into storage or the market, the subsequent quality control of the products will only be more difficult, and there also will be many after-sales problems which need to be solved.