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What Role Does Aluminum Plate Play in LED Lights?

Alumina plate, both in appearance and performance, is an upgraded version of ordinary aluminum plate. Alumina plate is superior to ordinary aluminum plate in both performance and appearance. The following is an analysis of the advantages of aluminum plate.

1. The performance of aluminum plate

In appearance, the surface of the aluminum oxide plate is more delicate and the gloss is soft. The special oxidation treatment can make the surface of the aluminum plate form an oxide film containing a certain element, so that the surface of the aluminum plate shows a different color and enhances the visual effect. The use of alumina plate does not need to be modified, it can be directly stamped and formed, and the overall aesthetics of the product can be improved. Compared with the general aluminum plate, the alumina plate makes the product more high-grade and richer in texture.

In terms of performance, ordinary aluminum plates are easily scratched and dirty; alumina plates have oxide films, which are scratch-resistant and wash-resistant, UV-resistant and do not fade, leave no fingerprints after touching, anti-static, no vacuuming, and easy cleaning. It is precisely because of the advantages of aluminum oxide panels that they are superior to ordinary aluminum panels that they are widely used in electronic panels, home appliance panels, integrated ceilings, interior decoration, outdoor curtain walls, cabinets, handicrafts, signs, lighting, etc.

2. The use of aluminum plate

The application of wholesale aluminum plate is very extensive and can be used in various industries such as signage, mobile electronic equipment, household appliances, construction, decoration and so on. The color of the aluminum plate is also very rich, and there are various colors such as nature, black, rose gold, fog white, stainless steel, gold, etc. to choose from.

In the sign industry, different colors can be selected according to the characteristics and needs of the product itself. In the use of signs, basic colors such as nature, stainless steel, and gold are usually used, which will make the sign look concise and elegant and can highlight the characteristics of the sign itself.

In the electronic product industry, manufacturers will choose different colors according to different product positioning, and there are more choices. If you want your product to be fashionable, then the use of rose gold, red, pink and other prominent colors can attract people's attention, especially teenagers. If you want the aluminium color coated sheet to reflect elegance, luxury and simplicity, you can choose natural, black, stainless steel, etc., because the oxidation process itself can well show the characteristics of the product.

The most common is LED panel light, a high-end indoor lighting fixture, suitable for hotels, bars, western restaurants, coffee shops, home interior decoration and other places, which can directly replace the original fluorescent lamps. The outer frame of the LED panel light is made of aluminum oxide plate, and the light source is LED. This visual enjoyment completely depends on the material of the panel light shell. The reason why the aluminum plate is widely used is because of its common advantages.

3. The role of aluminum plate in LED lights

(1) The specific gravity is only one third of stainless steel, which can greatly reduce the weight of the LED panel light and increase the safety.

(2) The alumina plate has high plasticity, is easy to be stamped and formed, and the oxide film does not burst when bent.

(3) The appearance of the aluminum plate is diversified, it can be drawn, it can be oxidized and colored, and it can be screen-printed.

(4) It has excellent scrub resistance and is not easy to be eroded by cleaning agents.

The advantages of aluminum oxide panels seem to be tailored for LED panel lights, which completely meet the requirements of lamps, and aluminum panels have certain reflective properties, which can better reflect light and make the light soft.

What Role Does Aluminum Plate Play in LED Lights?