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What are the Quality Requirements for Aluminum Foil for Medicine Packaging?

The material used for producing aluminium foil for medicine packaging is industrial pure aluminum foil, usually with a thickness of 0.02mm, a tensile strength of 98kPa, and a fracture strength of 90kPa. The surface is clean, smooth, free of wrinkles, pressure marks, and fluorescence powder, with a surface wetting tension of not less than 32. aluminium foil for medicine packaging is made of 99% electrolytic aluminum, processed by delay and other methods, and is non-toxic and odorless. It has high-quality electrical conductivity and light-shielding properties, as well as extremely high moisture resistance and gas barrier properties.

I. Common aluminium foil for medicine packaging includes the following types:

Medical aluminum foil, pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil, pharmaceutical packaging PTP aluminum foil, PTP aluminum foil.

1. Printing requirements: high-precision printing, rich colors, clear patterns. It is also required that the plain foil can be printed online by the automatic pharmaceutical blister packaging machine.

2. Moisture and oxygen permeability requirements: it is required to have good moisture permeability, moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, and be sealed with the forming material, and can avoid light.

3. Heat sealing and high humidity resistance requirements: the protective layer has excellent high-temperature resistance, and the composite adhesive layer has good heat sealing properties, which can be heat-sealed with PVC, PVC/PVDC, NY/AL/PVC and other composite sheet materials, and the sealing performance is good.

4. Easy-to-use requirements: using aluminum foil as the substrate, it is easy to open or puncture, convenient for consumers to take.

5. Convenience and anti-pollution requirements: the blister board of aluminium foil for medicine packaging is easy to carry, convenient for transportation and storage, and prevents pollution.

6. Automatic packaging line production efficiency requirements: the roll products of aluminum foil medicine bags are suitable for high-speed automation production in pharmaceutical factories.

II. Quality requirements of aluminium foil for medicine packaging

The requirements for pinholes in aluminium foil for medicine packaging are that the pinholes with a diameter of 0.1-0.3mm do not exceed 1 per square meter. Because the pinholes on the aluminum foil have penetrability defects, healthy foods and medicines will be attacked by oxygen, water vapor, and light, thereby reducing or lowering efficacy. Therefore, the requirements for pinholes are very strict. In addition, if the thickness of the medical packaging aluminum foil exceeds the requirements, the deviation (10%) will affect the coating amount of the adhesive layer and the protective layer after compounding.

The aluminum foil used in the blister packaging of drugs is a sealing material sealed on a plastic hardboard, also known as a cover material, usually called PTP aluminium foil for medicine packaging. It is based on hard industrial aluminum foil, which has the advantages of non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, non-permeability, hygienic heat resistance, moisture resistance, etc. It is easy to sterilize at high temperatures, can block light, and protect drugs from light damage. Before sealing the aluminum foil cover material with a plastic hard chip, it should be printed with text and pattern instructions on the printing machine and coating machine, and a protective agent should be applied, and a protective film adhesive should be applied on the other side of the aluminum foil.

The purpose of coating a protective agent is to prevent mechanical wear of ink patterns on the surface of aluminium foil for medicine packaging and to prevent pollution when the outer layer ink contacts the inner layer adhesive and the aluminum foil is contaminated. Coating the adhesive is to make the aluminum foil and the plastic hard plate have a good bonding strength.

What are the Quality Requirements for Aluminum Foil for Medicine Packaging?