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The production process of aluminum strip

Henan Lichen Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum strips, aluminum coils, and other aluminum products. With strong manufacturing capabilities and more than 10 years of experience, we continuously develop and expand our business. Our aluminum strip products are highly precise and of good quality, receiving unanimous praise from our customers. We strictly require ourselves to constantly improve our products and quality to provide customers with high-performance aluminum strip products. Today, our technical personnel will take advantage of their spare time to explain the specific production process of aluminum strips for your reference.

Aluminum strip is processed by longitudinal cutting and dividing equipment from aluminum coils. Usually, we use aluminum coils with a width of 1000-1500mm as the raw materials. The production processes of aluminum strips usually include material selection, knife setting, longitudinal cutting, winding, and packaging. Currently, we can produce aluminum strip products with a width of more than 7mm and also offer customized processing. We can make aluminum strips products that meet your standards and win the market with quality.

1. Material Selection for Aluminum Strip

Select appropriate aluminum coils according to the material, thickness, and width required in the order. Note that the width selection should be based on the aluminum strip product width and ensure that there is no waste. At the same time, 5mm edge wire needs to be reserved.

2. Knife Setting for Aluminum Strip

Arrange the cutting tools of the cutting equipment according to the width of the aluminum strips. Currently, we can accurately set the width to within 0.1mm. Knife setting has high requirements for equipment and operators, and it directly determines the precision range of aluminum strip cutting. Our company has a strong commitment to quality production with high precision and good quality products.

3. Winding for Aluminum Strip

Winding and cutting are carried out simultaneously. The aluminum strip should use suitable sleeve diameters according to the inner and outer diameter requirements of the user's order.

4. Packaging for Aluminum Strip

The packaging of aluminum strip can be divided into exquisite packaging and simple packaging. Exquisite packaging uses oil paper for wrapping, while simple packaging uses wrapping film directly.

The above processes are the production process of aluminum strips. Henan Lichen Aluminum Co., Ltd. is committed to the production and processing of high-precision aluminum strips, providing customers with high-quality aluminum products domestically and abroad. We can meet any requirements for aluminum strip products, producing a series of aluminum products including strips and coils with reliable quality and professional services. We win the recognition of the market with high-quality products and excellent services. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry or negotiation.

The production process of aluminum strip