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The Main Reasons and Solutions for the Surface Damage of Aluminum Strips

Aluminum strip is an aluminum deep processing product which formed by aluminum coil. It is an important raw material in the industry. Aluminum strip coil can be used in all aluminum cans, sheet machining and various lighting parts. Aluminum strip has good forming property, corrosion resistance, candle resistance, fatigue strength and medium static strength. It is generally used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipelines, sheet metal parts and instruments for transporting vehicles and ships. What are the causes and solutions of the aluminum strip surface damage?

1. The main causes of aluminum strip's surface damage

(1) There are sundries or component segregation of ingot on the surface of aluminum strip. A large amount of segregation surfaces on the surface of aluminum strip, however when the aluminum strip has not been homogenized or homogenized treatment effect is not good. When the metal flows through the working belt in the kneading process, these segregation surfaces or solid metal particles adhere to the surface of the working belt may cause the damage to the working belt, eventually causing scratches on the surface of the aluminum belt.

(2) The sundries on the working belt will cause the damage of the working belt surface in kneading process to scratch the aluminum belt; It will cause the scratch to the surface of the aluminum strip when it touches with the aluminum belt.

(3) There are exposed metals or graphite strip contains hard occluded foreign substances on discharging track or laying bed, causing aluminum belt collision due to the fast speed.

(4) When the fork rod sends the aluminum strip from the discharge track to the laying bed.

(5) Cause the scratch by dragging the aluminum strip manually on the laying bed.

(6) Aluminum strips clash with each other or knead to cause the damage during transportation.

2. The solutions of the aluminum strip's surface damage

(1) Strengthen the quality control of china aluminum strip

(2) Minimize the touch damage of aluminum strips and assistive devices.

(3) Use soft felt to isolate the aluminum strip from the assistive devices. Try to avoid dragging or turning the aluminum strip at will and clean up the foreign matter on the felt in time.

(4) Handle gently in the production. Try to avoid conflict with each other

(5) Place the aluminum strip properly in the feed frame

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The Main Reasons and Solutions for the Surface Damage of Aluminum Strips